11091153_10206195071818649_1594321935907825966_n I am third generation born in Turkey of English and American parents. My pre-college schooling except for one year in Washington DC and one year in England was at American and English schools in Izmir and Istanbul.

I have since been married twice and tried a third relationship from which I just recently separated. I have two daughters, five grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.  They all live far away from me in Vermont and California.  I live in Tennessee.

In the early 80s, after having taught art, in Kindergarten through college, plus a smattering of other subjects,  I went back to school and got my MA in Expressive Therapy (includes  art therapy) and went on to study for the ministry.  Then in 1995 a group of Unity students wanted to start a church.  I obliged and ministered to that church for 6 ½ years.  That church, the Unity Church of the Cumberlands in Tennessee, now has a membership of over 100 people. My passion has always been creativity, creative thinking and spirituality, all of which I consider to be related.    I have started several spiritual study groups and a couple of holistic healing centers.  Two of the study groups were A Course in Miracles, one in Michigan and the other in Tennessee, both going strong. Another was the study of Oneness, by Rasha in Traverse City, Michigan

I have always been involved in education in one way or another, even teaching Reiki.  Now I wish to reach more people.  Since I still have the desire to travel and experience other cultures, I have decided to take my message to women around the world, encouraging them to step up to the plate and share their gifts. In conjunction with that I do transformational coaching via Skype.

I grew up feeling that I was not good enough, having had experiences of abandonment from the young age of 2 1/2 and on into my teens. At age 17 I had a dream that I saw Jesus and he gave me a mission. In the dream I saw that I was supposed to expose a man that was duping millions of people to pay money to see proof that he was the Christ. I knew he was a fake. That was the first call. Nonetheless, I continued to have such low self-esteem that I could not walk into a room full of people unless I had an obvious reason to be there. Naturally I attracted men who would abuse me.

My alliances with men have reflected my lack of confidence and have been abusive.  It wasn’t until recently that I was able to feel my power and laugh at the absurdity of allowing the abuse.  I no longer needed outer validation and I could see how we all have our games to play.  I just did not need to be in that one anymore.  That was my ticket out or my diploma of transformation!

My second calling came after going back to grad school where my gifts and talents were prized and validated. I knew that the mission I had received as a teenager was to somehow help humanity. The search was how to help. The breakthrough came with a series of three “messages” to go into the ministry, which I did in 1987.

Some interesting factoids: As a teenager, I swam across the Bosphorus from Europe to Asia.  Later,  in 1962, six months pregnant with my first child, I traveled alone by train from Germany to Istanbul, going by third class train the full length of eastern Italy. That was a hoot!  In 1967 I followed my alcoholic husband who was mentally unbalanced to New York City. We lived on welfare for a year in lower East Side Manhattan, with two pre-school children.  Fast forward twenty years when I took a self-exploratory seven week tenting trip, half of it traveling by myself.  I drove through almost all of the states east of the Mississippi, plus Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and ended up in Oklahoma, where I started my ministerial studies.  I then moved to Arkansas and was assistant minister to a start-up church for a year. After that I moved to Tennessee. For four years in the early nineties, I lived in a yurt on a rich alluvial plain where I grew a wonderful organic garden. It was while living in the yurt, that I agreed to help a group of eight people start a Unity church.

The wisdom teachings I have lived, some painful, some joyful, are bursting to be shared. My life mission is to help women find and live from their authenticity and not have to suffer from lack of self-esteem, but share their gifts and live a fulfilling life.

I may be reached for a free exploratory coaching session via Skype: charlotte.seager1, or through this vehicle.  May your life be joyful.

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