Living in the Fourth Dimension

This evening as I was contemplating what to write for my Sunday sermonette, I realized that living in the fourth dimension is a challenge.  With one foot in the third dimension of separation and ego, and the other foot in the fifth dimension of Oneness and Spirit, our perspective on life and our understanding of what it means to have a human body is shifting.  The question on my mind is what can we do that is different than what has been the norm for all or our lives, but no longer works?

I was at a gathering of friends this afternoon and the subject of big corporations and their demise came up. It was noted by one of my friends, that Disneyland, GE, General Motors for example, are self-destructing now that the visionaries are being replaced by short-sighted fast return policies.  It is not just corporations that are crumbling. All areas of society are dysfunctional. Especially in the area of civility, the very indicator of civilization.

My call is for women to step up and be the leaders.  The Dalai Lama said it would be western women that will save the world.  Why women?  How? What has to change?

Intellectual analysis, strategy, facts and figures only call on knowledge of the past. What I think the Dalai lama saw was that the feminine mind is intuitive, sees the big picture, works collaboratively and cooperatively for the good of family and by extension, the world. The feminine qualities of kindness, generosity and nurturing in both men and women is sorely needed now. We must value human life above material gain. We must honor, respect and  dignify  all people rather than have the consciousness of user mentality and survival of the fittest. I believe this is our soul-purpose.  This is why we volunteered to incarnate at this time.

Separation from our divinity began as far back as 1687, if not earlier,  when Sir Isaac Newton proposed his theory of a mechanistic universe. One hundred years later the industrial age moved us away from the land into cities further alienating us from the wonder and mystery of God. Thirdly, Charles Darwin’s writing about evolution in the Origin of Species 1857, separated us from nature even more, by erroneously leading us to believe that it is natural to prey on others in a dog eat dog world. These events form the backbone of our current lack of spirituality.

Our dysfunctional, diseased and dying civilization is a symptom of alienation from our core essence of decency, and love and of being unconscious of our divinity. As leaders, if we are to see any meaningful change, we need to address the core issue.  The old paradigm is to try to fix the symptoms.  We can no longer act as if this is a mechanistic universe.  Quantum physics is finally recognizing what the great masters and mystics have been telling us for thousands of years.  We are all one, without boundary, in an infinite and loving Conscious Field.

We are beginning to wake up to the truth of existence; that we live in an interconnected web, where everything effects everything else. But this has to be more that an intellectual understanding because the intellect draws on the storehouse of knowledge, conscious and mostly unconscious.  It must be “innerstood”. We believe what we experience. Oneness or expanded consciousness must be experienced.  The soul already knows Truth.  The heart knows.  Our work is to bring head and heart into alignment with the Quantum Field or Consciousness Itself.

The dream I had at age 17, to turn the masses away from false gods, has urgency now.  I cannot do it alone.  It is my mission to empower men and women to awaken to the soul and accomplish the purpose for which he or she came here, and be leaders in the new paradigm.  Let’s birth the new human and the 5th dimension together.


The Vision

Men, women and children of all nations, colors, creeds, ethnicity and gender identities interacting in respectful and honorable ways; learning, laughing, working and playing together, living kindly on the earth and respecting all her children of land, sea and sky.

The Goal

To awaken the feminine in humanity in order to balance the left-brained rationality, exclusivity, and materialistic linear thinking, with right-brained heart-centered, in a collaborative and expansive, nurturing  inclusiveness.

The Purpose

  • To heal the wounds of separation and domination.
  • To stop the wanton destruction of Mother Earth.
  • To stop the cruelty and injustice of hierarchical power.
  • To change the paradigm of insular self-gratification and greed.

The Strategy

To raise consciousness through workshops, retreats, coaching, speaking and writing, using the arts, story and metaphor which are the languages of the soul.

The Slogan

Wake up! Your authentic life is calling!

I  lead workshops and retreats “For Awakening Now: Empowering women to live from their authenticity.” and I coach in groups and one-on-one.

Love the God in everything, everyone, every creature even unto every molecule, atom and adamantine particle.
There is no such “thing” as disease. What we call disease is evidence of disharmony or the state of lack of ease.
We may clean up the outer dis-harmony and even our judgment of outer conditions, but the evidence of disharmony remains until we clear the disharmony within.
  • When we “fight” a disease we are in disharmony.
  • When we see disease as something to get rid of, we are in disharmony.
  • Do we see disease as the enemy? Jesus said, “love thine enemy.”

Can we see disease as a loving angel that has come to lead us in the way of righteousness? Angels are messengers. What is the message that we have ignored so long that it has invited the angel of disease in to wake us up to what we are doing that no longer serves us? (I am thinking of the personal level as well as on the level of society.)

The messenger reminds us of what Jesus said: “Seek ye first the kingdom of god and his righteousness and all else shall be given unto you.” That includes health.
” The kingdom of god is in our midst,” In every atom, in every breath, in every heart. God. God is love. All is love. We are asked to see love in even that which we consider to be the enemy, whether in the outer world or within.
“Fear not” said the angel of old, “for I bring you good tidings of great joy!” The “disease”- the angel- wants to tell us something. Are we ready to ask, listen, and maybe dialogue in a journal to find out what has been causing disharmony?
Are we ready to let go, surrender to the kingdom of god, in whom we live and move and have our being? Can we surrender that idea, belief, hurt, anger, jealousy or whatever else it is that is not in harmony with our soul?
Angel, what is your message? How can I help? Are we ready to ponder the questions in the heart and listen?
   This morning I was thinking about all the people I have known in the past, with whom I have lost touch. Men carry their names with them throughout their lives, unless they choose otherwise. Women change names, sometimes several times in a lifetime. Add to that, we now live in a very mobile world, where we scatter like billiard balls on a pool table. We all end up in the pockets, some of us sooner than others.
   Until I got married for the first time, when I took on the last name of Morier,   I was known as Fay Seager in Turkey,in DC at Alice Deal Junior High, at Pax Hill finishing school for girls, (now a nursing home!)near Farnham, Surrey, England, and at Olivet College in Michigan. I was terribly shy in those years and did not make friends easily, but I do remember a few friends, many of whom I have lost track of, from those years.
   As Fay Morier, I and my girls  lived in 13 places following my husband around, before buying our first home where my girls and I lived for 15 years. (Most of that time as Pallaria.) There I taught art in the Northumberland School District and at the White Mountains Regional High School in New Hampshire.
   Studying for my Master’s thesis in Expressive Therapy from Lesley College, (now Lesley University) My confidence grew and I very fondly remember people in my Core group, where I was known as Fay Pallaria .
   Slowly over the years, especially since getting on Facebook, I have connected with a few old friends, but matters got complicated when I not only took back my surname but also my first name, and morphed into Charlotte Seager!
   But I am getting ahead of myself. After taking back my surname I was known as Fay Seager for a while at Sancta Sophia seminary school. (can’t find it on the internet anymore!), in Fayetteville Arkansas helping Rev.Gloria Young with her church, at the Anzara Cloyd retreat center in Red Boiling Springs, Tennessee(it folded), and as librarian in Gainesboro Tennessee.
   I have had many adventures since then that have taken Charlotte Seager places where I am still remembered and where I am still in contact with friends, including Northport, Michigan and back again in Tennessee.
   Perhaps you have kept the name you were known by in childhood and still have your childhood friends. You are lucky. I believe it is especially important for women to keep their surname after marriage, as some of my friends have done. How do you look up an old friend on Facebook if she has changed her name and no longer lives where she used to live? It can be very lonely cut off from your old friends, especially as you get older and you start losing family members. Take heed, ladies. Keep your name!

If you are an entrepreneur you have probably struggled with confusion and overwhelm, and maybe you are still struggling.  In the beginning,starting your own business can be quite challenging. We want to learn everything we can about business and our particular service and how to market it. Before we know it we are in overwhelm – information overload.

I know that well. To compound matters, I am a Gemini. I love to learn new thing, and I am not satisfied with sticking to any one thing! I am all over the place with my interests: Art, Spirituality, Healing, Coaching and more. Can any of you relate?

Early on, I gave myself permission to diversify. My first model was Walter Russell who lived in the at the turn of the last century; a renaissance man who, with his wife Lao, devoted his life prodigiously to the arts, philosophy and science. One of his quotes is “Mediocrity is self-inflicted. Genius is self-bestowed.”

His genius lay in his total focus, “gathering thought energy into a high potential and using it in the direction of the purpose intended”* So, what I learned from that (but have not followed very well) was I could have several interests, but in order to be productive I must focus totally in the direction of what I want to accomplish at any given time, and cut out all distractions. (*The Man Who Tapped the Secrets of the Universe. By Glenn Clark)

My next model was Joseph Campbell, who died in 1987.  He was considered the world’s foremost authority on mythology. I heard it said about him that in his late forties, he still did not know what he was going to do when he grew up.  A scholar, he was interested in anthropology, biology, philosophy, art, history and religion.  For him life was an adventure.  When his university adviser pressured him to narrow his area of study, he reputedly said “to hell with it” and gave up his doctoral studies to go in the woods to read.  What came of all his studies was his book The Power of Myth, which wove together all his interests.  If you have a variety of interests, are you wondering how you can weave them into one offering that is uniquely yours? That has been my challenge!

Thirdly, I came across Burt Goldman , a contemporary mystic, teaching Quantum Jumping.  It is a method he devised for accessing any skill he desired to have, with amazing results. He teaches how to access a twin self in another universe, there being many universes and many versions of you.  Now that expands the possibilities! According to Burt Goldman, you could become a successful “you” in whatever field you choose, as Burt Goldman himself has demonstrated!

So, if you are feeling overwhelmed and feeling guilty that you cannot settle on any one thing, take heart.  One of the coaches I studied under, Suzanne Evans, wrote a book whose title she often repeats, “The way you do anything is the way you do everything”.  I despaired, because I circle around and around in my interests, never settling on any one.  Then I decided that though she meant it as a deterrent, I could see it as an advantage, remembering Joseph Campbell’s seemingly scattered mind as being very fertile and creative ,  able to create something entirely new.  So, if there is a missing piece to make it all work together for you, ask your twin in another universe! (Burt’s series of MP3s, Quantum Jumping, can be found on Amazon.)

From the desk of Charlotte Seager. MA

Breakthrough Transformational Coach

Thoughts create an emotional charge in the autonomic energy system.  E-motion is intended to motivate your reptilian brain into fight or flight, for your protection. In fight or flight, the energy is released and you come back into equilibrium.

If we have learned that good girls or boys don’t fight, or don’t cry., or that  it is selfish to want something.  That emotional energy gets bottled up.  We may have developed strategies to stay out of our feelings, perhaps by rationalizations or “shoulding” ourselves.  Then that energy or life force gets constricted in our muscles in various parts of our bodies.

Constricted energy feels like pain and robs us of passion and the   joy of living. Underneath the pain is sadness, sorrow, anger, grief or other emotions that we have not allowed ourselves to feel. Those are from the stories we have told ourselves.  Every telling adds more stuck energy.

Energy is just energy.  When we focus all our attention unconditionally on where the energy is stuck we are allowing it to express and release or move of its own accord, until all the stuck energy is spent.

Focusing on the peace that remains, and the light, love and life force that are the natural state creates a physical change in the neural pathways, and in the flow of energy in the body.

You can always find peace about any situation, no matter what it is.

My specialty is helping people release the stuck energy and find peace, and then they are able to feel passion!


Reflecting on reflections and on this world I create as a looking-glass, I thank all the beings I bring into my life so that I can learn who I Am.

You reflect me, as surely as I reflect you.  How wonderful to dance before the mirror of ourselves and see the pattern we make together, kaleidoscopic in its richness!

When you came into my life with all your troubles, I saw only your pain, I did not see my own.   But as I danced with you, something inside me said look, listen to the words you speak and heed them for yourself.  Oh yes, I opened up my eyes and saw that you and I are dancing the same dance.

You are at the end of your rope, you are in a dead end job, you’ve retired, your children have all left home:…Whatever your situation,you have a restless feeling that there is more to life than the daily grind.  You sense there is a deeper meaning to life than this.

I empower women to move out of an unsatisfactory life situation into a life that is crying to be expressed.  I help women identify what makes them come alive and coach them through a transformational process to where they confidently begin to live an inner directed authentic life.

You want to do your part and begin making a difference in the world.  You know there is a cause you would like to get involved with in a big way.  You know you have talents and gifts to share.  You just don’t know where to begin. Maybe you are afraid to step out into the unknown.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone believe in you and guide you through your transitional process? Wouldn’t it be nice to know there are others with similar interests, people with whom you can interact and with whom you may team up ?

How big is your pond? Is community action your thing?  Do you want to make a bigger splash?  Is the world your oyster? Do you have a big dream?  I’ll help you identify what your soul wants to do and together we can work out a plan of action for you to have a more meaningful life.

If this has piqued your interest, give me a call and we’ll set up a free exploratory session to see if you want to work with me toward  an expanded vision for your life and a fulfilling career..  You may call me at 931-256-7932 .  Or you may Skype me at charlotte seager.  I look forward to talking with you.

“…this last generation (1994 and 1995 ) would have to reach deep within themselves, to choose the path of love, harmony and compassion.  This is the path that would carry them gracefully through times that the Hopi call the days of “purification.”” ( Gregg Braden Walking Between the Worlds, p.82).  Could he be talking about the Indigo Children?  Drunvalo Melchizedek says anyone born after 197(2?) is an Indigo child.  The challenge being for them to remember to live in the heart where they will have all the information they need in order to  fulfill their life’s purpose at this time of Humanity’s need.   

It is the year 2026. For Awakening Now, Foundation for Inner Peace is a flourishing retreat center and non-profit spiritual education center.   It is in Northport Michigan at the tip of the Leelanau Peninsula, where the energy is great for spiritual work.  There is a presentation hall in town, with the guest speaker suite and business offices upstairs (there’s an elevator) and a whole foods bar at the street level.  The building also houses a fitness center.

A few blocks away, on Grand Traverse Bay is the Foundation Hall.  Here, on every floor there are classrooms, a meditation room, and salon for casual meetings.  This is where retreatants can rent rooms while they participate in the programs.  Each room will be outfitted and owned by a sponsor and will have the sponsor’s name on a plaque on the door.  For example: “The Quan Yin Room-Ruth and Andrew Watkins”.

A short drive out into the countryside brings you to “The Farm”.  This is where the organic foods are grown and serves also as the campground for the more adventuresome participants.  There will also be a barn or tool shed and two lodges on site. The view from here is spectacular.  You can see Lake Michigan and Grand Traverse Bay.  It has been five years since the peninsula went organic, so the air is clean and pure.  The bees are beginning to make a come-back!