From the desk of Charlotte Seager. MA

Breakthrough Transformational Coach

Thoughts create an emotional charge in the autonomic energy system.  E-motion is intended to motivate your reptilian brain into fight or flight, for your protection. In fight or flight, the energy is released and you come back into equilibrium.

If we have learned that good girls or boys don’t fight, or don’t cry., or that  it is selfish to want something.  That emotional energy gets bottled up.  We may have developed strategies to stay out of our feelings, perhaps by rationalizations or “shoulding” ourselves.  Then that energy or life force gets constricted in our muscles in various parts of our bodies.

Constricted energy feels like pain and robs us of passion and the   joy of living. Underneath the pain is sadness, sorrow, anger, grief or other emotions that we have not allowed ourselves to feel. Those are from the stories we have told ourselves.  Every telling adds more stuck energy.

Energy is just energy.  When we focus all our attention unconditionally on where the energy is stuck we are allowing it to express and release or move of its own accord, until all the stuck energy is spent.

Focusing on the peace that remains, and the light, love and life force that are the natural state creates a physical change in the neural pathways, and in the flow of energy in the body.

You can always find peace about any situation, no matter what it is.

My specialty is helping people release the stuck energy and find peace, and then they are able to feel passion!