If you are an entrepreneur you have probably struggled with confusion and overwhelm, and maybe you are still struggling.  In the beginning,starting your own business can be quite challenging. We want to learn everything we can about business and our particular service and how to market it. Before we know it we are in overwhelm – information overload.

I know that well. To compound matters, I am a Gemini. I love to learn new thing, and I am not satisfied with sticking to any one thing! I am all over the place with my interests: Art, Spirituality, Healing, Coaching and more. Can any of you relate?

Early on, I gave myself permission to diversify. My first model was Walter Russell who lived in the at the turn of the last century; a renaissance man who, with his wife Lao, devoted his life prodigiously to the arts, philosophy and science. One of his quotes is “Mediocrity is self-inflicted. Genius is self-bestowed.”

His genius lay in his total focus, “gathering thought energy into a high potential and using it in the direction of the purpose intended”* So, what I learned from that (but have not followed very well) was I could have several interests, but in order to be productive I must focus totally in the direction of what I want to accomplish at any given time, and cut out all distractions. (*The Man Who Tapped the Secrets of the Universe. By Glenn Clark)

My next model was Joseph Campbell, who died in 1987.  He was considered the world’s foremost authority on mythology. I heard it said about him that in his late forties, he still did not know what he was going to do when he grew up.  A scholar, he was interested in anthropology, biology, philosophy, art, history and religion.  For him life was an adventure.  When his university adviser pressured him to narrow his area of study, he reputedly said “to hell with it” and gave up his doctoral studies to go in the woods to read.  What came of all his studies was his book The Power of Myth, which wove together all his interests.  If you have a variety of interests, are you wondering how you can weave them into one offering that is uniquely yours? That has been my challenge!

Thirdly, I came across Burt Goldman , a contemporary mystic, teaching Quantum Jumping.  It is a method he devised for accessing any skill he desired to have, with amazing results. He teaches how to access a twin self in another universe, there being many universes and many versions of you.  Now that expands the possibilities! According to Burt Goldman, you could become a successful “you” in whatever field you choose, as Burt Goldman himself has demonstrated!

So, if you are feeling overwhelmed and feeling guilty that you cannot settle on any one thing, take heart.  One of the coaches I studied under, Suzanne Evans, wrote a book whose title she often repeats, “The way you do anything is the way you do everything”.  I despaired, because I circle around and around in my interests, never settling on any one.  Then I decided that though she meant it as a deterrent, I could see it as an advantage, remembering Joseph Campbell’s seemingly scattered mind as being very fertile and creative ,  able to create something entirely new.  So, if there is a missing piece to make it all work together for you, ask your twin in another universe! (Burt’s series of MP3s, Quantum Jumping, can be found on Amazon.)