Love the God in everything, everyone, every creature even unto every molecule, atom and adamantine particle.
There is no such “thing” as disease. What we call disease is evidence of disharmony or the state of lack of ease.
We may clean up the outer dis-harmony and even our judgment of outer conditions, but the evidence of disharmony remains until we clear the disharmony within.
  • When we “fight” a disease we are in disharmony.
  • When we see disease as something to get rid of, we are in disharmony.
  • Do we see disease as the enemy? Jesus said, “love thine enemy.”

Can we see disease as a loving angel that has come to lead us in the way of righteousness? Angels are messengers. What is the message that we have ignored so long that it has invited the angel of disease in to wake us up to what we are doing that no longer serves us? (I am thinking of the personal level as well as on the level of society.)

The messenger reminds us of what Jesus said: “Seek ye first the kingdom of god and his righteousness and all else shall be given unto you.” That includes health.
” The kingdom of god is in our midst,” In every atom, in every breath, in every heart. God. God is love. All is love. We are asked to see love in even that which we consider to be the enemy, whether in the outer world or within.
“Fear not” said the angel of old, “for I bring you good tidings of great joy!” The “disease”- the angel- wants to tell us something. Are we ready to ask, listen, and maybe dialogue in a journal to find out what has been causing disharmony?
Are we ready to let go, surrender to the kingdom of god, in whom we live and move and have our being? Can we surrender that idea, belief, hurt, anger, jealousy or whatever else it is that is not in harmony with our soul?
Angel, what is your message? How can I help? Are we ready to ponder the questions in the heart and listen?