The Vision

Men, women and children of all nations, colors, creeds, ethnicity and gender identities interacting in respectful and honorable ways; learning, laughing, working and playing together, living kindly on the earth and respecting all her children of land, sea and sky.

The Goal

To awaken the feminine in humanity in order to balance the left-brained rationality, exclusivity, and materialistic linear thinking, with right-brained heart-centered, in a collaborative and expansive, nurturing  inclusiveness.

The Purpose

  • To heal the wounds of separation and domination.
  • To stop the wanton destruction of Mother Earth.
  • To stop the cruelty and injustice of hierarchical power.
  • To change the paradigm of insular self-gratification and greed.

The Strategy

To raise consciousness through workshops, retreats, coaching, speaking and writing, using the arts, story and metaphor which are the languages of the soul.

The Slogan

Wake up! Your authentic life is calling!

I  lead workshops and retreats “For Awakening Now: Empowering women to live from their authenticity.” and I coach in groups and one-on-one.