Living in the Fourth Dimension

This evening as I was contemplating what to write for my Sunday sermonette, I realized that living in the fourth dimension is a challenge.  With one foot in the third dimension of separation and ego, and the other foot in the fifth dimension of Oneness and Spirit, our perspective on life and our understanding of what it means to have a human body is shifting.  The question on my mind is what can we do that is different than what has been the norm for all or our lives, but no longer works?

I was at a gathering of friends this afternoon and the subject of big corporations and their demise came up. It was noted by one of my friends, that Disneyland, GE, General Motors for example, are self-destructing now that the visionaries are being replaced by short-sighted fast return policies.  It is not just corporations that are crumbling. All areas of society are dysfunctional. Especially in the area of civility, the very indicator of civilization.

My call is for women to step up and be the leaders.  The Dalai Lama said it would be western women that will save the world.  Why women?  How? What has to change?

Intellectual analysis, strategy, facts and figures only call on knowledge of the past. What I think the Dalai lama saw was that the feminine mind is intuitive, sees the big picture, works collaboratively and cooperatively for the good of family and by extension, the world. The feminine qualities of kindness, generosity and nurturing in both men and women is sorely needed now. We must value human life above material gain. We must honor, respect and  dignify  all people rather than have the consciousness of user mentality and survival of the fittest. I believe this is our soul-purpose.  This is why we volunteered to incarnate at this time.

Separation from our divinity began as far back as 1687, if not earlier,  when Sir Isaac Newton proposed his theory of a mechanistic universe. One hundred years later the industrial age moved us away from the land into cities further alienating us from the wonder and mystery of God. Thirdly, Charles Darwin’s writing about evolution in the Origin of Species 1857, separated us from nature even more, by erroneously leading us to believe that it is natural to prey on others in a dog eat dog world. These events form the backbone of our current lack of spirituality.

Our dysfunctional, diseased and dying civilization is a symptom of alienation from our core essence of decency, and love and of being unconscious of our divinity. As leaders, if we are to see any meaningful change, we need to address the core issue.  The old paradigm is to try to fix the symptoms.  We can no longer act as if this is a mechanistic universe.  Quantum physics is finally recognizing what the great masters and mystics have been telling us for thousands of years.  We are all one, without boundary, in an infinite and loving Conscious Field.

We are beginning to wake up to the truth of existence; that we live in an interconnected web, where everything effects everything else. But this has to be more that an intellectual understanding because the intellect draws on the storehouse of knowledge, conscious and mostly unconscious.  It must be “innerstood”. We believe what we experience. Oneness or expanded consciousness must be experienced.  The soul already knows Truth.  The heart knows.  Our work is to bring head and heart into alignment with the Quantum Field or Consciousness Itself.

The dream I had at age 17, to turn the masses away from false gods, has urgency now.  I cannot do it alone.  It is my mission to empower men and women to awaken to the soul and accomplish the purpose for which he or she came here, and be leaders in the new paradigm.  Let’s birth the new human and the 5th dimension together.