It is the year 2026. For Awakening Now, Foundation for Inner Peace is a flourishing retreat center and non-profit spiritual education center.   It is in Northport Michigan at the tip of the Leelanau Peninsula, where the energy is great for spiritual work.  There is a presentation hall in town, with the guest speaker suite and business offices upstairs (there’s an elevator) and a whole foods bar at the street level.  The building also houses a fitness center.

A few blocks away, on Grand Traverse Bay is the Foundation Hall.  Here, on every floor there are classrooms, a meditation room, and salon for casual meetings.  This is where retreatants can rent rooms while they participate in the programs.  Each room will be outfitted and owned by a sponsor and will have the sponsor’s name on a plaque on the door.  For example: “The Quan Yin Room-Ruth and Andrew Watkins”.

A short drive out into the countryside brings you to “The Farm”.  This is where the organic foods are grown and serves also as the campground for the more adventuresome participants.  There will also be a barn or tool shed and two lodges on site. The view from here is spectacular.  You can see Lake Michigan and Grand Traverse Bay.  It has been five years since the peninsula went organic, so the air is clean and pure.  The bees are beginning to make a come-back!